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TSH Heater Thermal Control Series


The TSH series is a custom designed precision thermal protector with built in self-holding feature. This unique design is environmentally sealed with sophisticated operational properties that allow use in numerous applications particularly tubular heaters. The bimetal disc provides a quick positive break simultaneously activating a PTC heater that enables auxiliary heat to pass through the thermal control preventing reset until the power source is removed. Once power is removed, the PTC is then deactivated allowing the TSH control to cool to a safe pre-defined automatic reset temperature. This device offers unmatched flexibility and has been approved by numerous safety agencies for applications where manual reset is desired without having access to a traditional reset button.

Optional automatic reset with 100,000 cyle rating available.

(Consult DeVale sales engineer for safety agency approvals)

Key Benefits:

  • Bimetal disc - minimum current sensitivity
  • High speed positive switching
  • Unique custom design with environmental seal
  • Axial and Radial termination available
  • Contacts are SPST (Single Pole, Single Throw)
  • Self-Hold PTC feature prevents uncontrolled automatic reset.
  • Contact Ratings: 13 amp resistive, 120 VAC and 10 amp resistive, 240VAC. 6,000 cycles
  • Custom lead wire or terminal options available
  • Preset tamper proof operating temperature settings: 60 C to 130 C (See factory for specific high temperature models)
  • Contact resistance less than 35 mohms

Safety Agency Approvals:

UL and C-UL certifications range to 6,000 cycles of operation.
TUV, VDE applied and CE - ISO9001-2000 certified
(Consult factory for specific Up-To-Date global agency certifications and recognitions)
RoHS (2002/95/EC Directive) compliant



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TSH Tubular Heater Thermostat Series

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