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DeVale Industries, Inc. was founded in 1992 with the initial inception of the 1100 Series Fluid Management thermostat line. Since then, we have added 53 additional thermostat and thermal protector models that are used World-Wide in applications ranging from over-the-road trucks, agriculture, medical, aerospace, military, power supply, power generation, refrigeration, personal care products, battery packs, household appliances and numerous others. At DeVale, we know what our customers want and we respond by providing innovative products that position us as a leader in our industry. Exciting products such as the TSH Series are the result of ongoing commitment to high quality cost effective products that meet and exceed our customer requirements. Through innovative manufacturing sites in North America, Europe and Asia, we are globally positioned to serve all of our customers thermal management needs.

DeVale's diverse product line include unmatched selection of Immersion Thermostats, Surface Mount Disc Thermostats in ½" and ¾", Regulating Thermostats, Motor and Transformer Limit Controls, Self-Hold Thermal Protectors in numerous configurations, Battery Pack Over-Charge Protectors, One-Shot Thermal Cutoffs in loose or mounted configurations and Bulb and Capillary Thermostats in auto or manual reset design. One of our strengths that has been the foundation of DeVale is the ability to listen to what our customers need and respond appropriately. If you cannot select a suitable control from our broad assortment of thermal management products, feel free to contact one our support engineers to assist in the design of an economical custom tailored product.

DeVale's engineering and manufacturing facilities utilize numerous domestic and international quality safety standards including ISO9001. We are presently fully compliant with RoHs and WEEE European directives along with possessing numerous UL, CUL, VDE, BEAB, CB and select military safety certifications and component recognitions.

Our Mission

At DeVale we strive to lead in the invention, development and manufacture of the industry's most advanced thermal management products. We translate these advanced technologies into value for our customers through our professional solutions, services and dedication to every customers success.

Technical Asistance - Disclaimer

We are pleased to offer customer assistance and technical advice relating to operational characteristics one might expect when applying our controls. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you and better understand your requirements. However, since DeVale Industries, Inc. does not possess full access to data concerning all of the uses and applications of customer's products, we cannot assume any obligation or liability for information we provide, or for results you might obtain.

While every effort is being made to assure the accuracy of the content of this website, DeVale Industries, Inc. shall not be liable in respect of its contents nor any omissions or errors contained within. Information contained in this website shall not form any part of any contract sale or offer for sale of DeVale Industries, Inc. products and in respect of such sale DeVale Industries, Inc. Terms and Conditions of Sale (a copy can be obtained through DeVale Industries, Inc.) shall exclusively apply.

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The engineering team at DeVale have been very helpful with their guidance and support through our product design stage. We have not seen that level of support from any company in their industry.

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