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DV7AM Series



The Model DV7AM Series is an excessive current automatic resetting, snap action bimetallic protector. They provide both thermal and current overload protection for use as a thermal protector or thermostat in a wide variety of applications. The core technology behind these controls is a prestressed, bimetallic blade that provides snap-action for greater contact life and increased reliability. The DV7AM-SH combines the precision switch capabilities along with a self-holding feature. The Self-Hold feature, once activated under fault condition, maintains its open state of contacts until power is removed. There is no reset buton to access so simply removing power and allowing to cool will reset the device. This design feature is classified as a manual reset device under strict Safety Agency guidelines. It is a cost effective, well engineered design that provides exceptional protection and is considered to be the ultimate safety device with proven protection.

Key Benefits:

  • Numerous bimetal choices available in low and high thermal resistance values for added design flexibility in the actual application.
  • Positive snap action switching with OPTIONAL CLOSE 2 degree C - 10 degree C built in differential make this control an excellent choice for tight temperature controlling requirements used as a thermostat or use as a Limiting device with wide contact reset option.
  • Preset temperature calibration that can not be tampered or adjusted in the field.
  • Small shape and low profile size allow excellent application flexibility.
  • Designs built in terminal configuration allow customer flexibility with wire attachment. Include Optional Axial terminals available along with standard Radial terminal connections.
  • Gasketed steel case suitable for vacuum impregnation processes. (See factory for specific data)
  • The external case is electrically alive; optional form fitting, low thermal lag sleeving available in numerous materials and lengths.

Electrical Ratings:

  • 20 amps/120 volts AC both Inductive and Resistive load 9 amps/240 volts AC Inductive load
  • 18amps/16 volts DC load

(Consult factory for specific up to date Safety Agency Recognitions)

Temperature Range and Tolerance:

Temperature range from 55 degrees C to 150 degrees C is available

Standard calibration tolerance is +- 5 degrees C with optional closer or wider resets available upon request.

Safety Agency Approvals:

UL and C-UL certifications range to 100,000 cycles of operation in accordance with T.I.R.E. protocol (Consult factory for specific model desgnition and additional cycle ratings under numerous classifications)
VDE Licence
TUV License
CQC License
RoHS (2002/95/EC Directive)
(Consult factory for specific Up-To-Date global agency certifications, recognitions and cycle life)


  • Remote location motors
  • Submersible pump motors
  • Fractional horsepower motors
  • Battery chargers
  • Medical equipment
  • Lighting
  • Welders
  • Industrial equipment
  • Aerospace
  • Military

Applications vary anywhere a manual reset control or fuse is required or acceptable.

DeVale will cutom tailor each control offered by attaching various custom leads, connectors and harnessing. We provide world-class quality products error free and on-time.



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DV7AM Series DV7AM Series DV7AM Series DV7AM Series DV7AM Series

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