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For nearly 20 years, DeVale Industries, Inc, Controls Division has been providing an unmatched selection of reliable cost effective thermal management products including: temperature sensors; temperature switches, thermal switches, thermal protectors, probe thermostats, immersion thermostat, bimetal disc thermostats in ½" and ¾" size, surface mount controls, motor protectors, heater controls, battery protectors, and bulb & capillary controls.

In addition, we have built our foundation on problem solving through customization and design flexibility. This allows our customers to choose exactly what is required to satisfy their applications requirements without compromising the intended operation. If you do not find what you are looking for, kindly contact one of our support staff and we can discuss further in detail.

The temperature sensor is an essential part of thermal circuit design

Technology is constantly improving temperature sensor and other thermal protection devices operating within our everyday appliances. A sensor is designed to protect against excessively high temperatures. When temperatures rise beyond the operating threshold, the result can be anything from internal insulation damage to igniting a fire external damage.

There are a variety of monitoring devices available. When you are searching for the right sensor, understanding its properties and how it operates within a unit is essential.

A thermocouple is commonly used for temperature control

The thermocouple is the most popular temperature sensor used for many different industrial and commercial applications. One reason is that these thermal devices are so widely used is because they are so rugged. They are also cheap and can be designed from just about any material to fit a specific function. They also provide quite a wide temperature range and are very responsive.

The thermocouple is often more cost effective than many other sensors. It does not need an excitation source to provide accurate results. There are many different types of thermocouples, including the thermocouple probe, which is excellent for measuring temperatures on non flat surfaces.

The thermal fuse prevents circuit damage

A thermal fuse, also known as a thermal cut off, is another sensor product designed for high temperature control in electrical items. When an appliance begins overheating, the fuse will break the circuit. This protective measure insures against internal damage or external dangers like igniting a fire.

Some thermal fuses are resettable and have the same function as a regular fuse. The only difference is that when it is tripped as a result of overheating, it can be reset. This can be quite cost effective over time.

Temperature switch - keeping temperatures normal

A temperature switch is a sensor designed to react immediately to changing temperatures. When an appliance becomes over heated, the switch opens the electrical circuit which immediately shuts off power. It is also used to monitor temperature, keeping a device at a normal operating temperature.

Automobiles provide one of the best examples of how a temperature switch works. An automobile can easily overheat - especially during the hot, summer months. The fan temperature switch activates when needed to keep engine fluids cool and the engine running smoothly.

Bimetal sensor

A bimetal thermostat operates as a sensor designed to monitor and operate under extreme temperatures. Bimetal sensors are a part of many commercial appliances including ovens, toasters and refrigerators.

Bimetal sensors are made of two different metals. Each responds differently when heated - one metal expands much more slowly than the other. The slowly expanding metal continues expanding which causes a snap action response. The snap action response occurs when the quickly expanding metal takes over and continues increasing until it begins to bend, snapping into place over the center. You can either reset it on your own to return it to its normal operating position, or choose a one shot device that you replace instead.

Its versatility is evident by the fact that it can be used for both high temperature and low temperature applications. What's more, the bimetal thermostat operates as a sensor and switch all in one device.

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